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Discovering Psychology
Discovering Psychology - Part 1 - Past, Present, and Promise
Discovering Psychology - Part 2 - Understanding Research
Discovering Psychology - Part 3 - The Behaving Brain
Discovering Psychology - Part 4 - The Responsive Brain
Discovering Psychology - Part 5 - The Developing Child
Discovering Psychology - Part 6 - Language Development
Discovering Psychology - Part 07 - Sensation and Perception
Discovering Psychology - Part 09 - Remembering and Forgetting
Discovering Psychology - Part 10 - Cognitive Processes
Discovering Psychology - Part 11 - Judgement and Decision Making
Discovering Psychology - Part 12 - Motivation and Emotion
Discovering Psychology - Part 13 - The Power Of The Situation
Discovering Psychology - Part 14 - The Mind Hidden and Divided
Discovering Psychology - Part 15 - The Self
Discovering Psychology - Part 17 - Sex and Gender
Discovering Psychology - Part 18 - Maturing and Aging
Discovering Psychology - Part 22 - Psychotherapy

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Discovering Psychology


From Wikipedia

Discovering Psychology is a PBS documentary on psychology presented by Philip Zimbardo, for which he received the Carl Sagan Award for Public Understanding of Science. The series was released in 1990, with an updated edition comprising three additional episodes in 2001.

Philip G. Zimbardo, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, is an internationally acknowledged researcher, teacher, and author. He has published more than two dozen text and trade books and more than 200 professional articles on a wide range of topics in many areas of animal and human behavior. Professor Zimbardo has received numerous awards for his distinguished teaching, creative research, dedicated social action, and career-long contributions to psychology. He helped to create both the original Discovering Psychology telecourse and the revision and update of this influential learning experience. Professor Zimbardo has been teaching introductory psychology for more than 40 years.

  1. Past, Present, and Promise
  2. Understanding Research
  3. The Behaving Brain
  4. The Responsive Brain
  5. The Developing Child
  6. Language Development
  7. Sensation and Perception
  8. Learning
  9. Remembering
10.Cognitive Processes
11. Judgment and Decision Making
12. Motivation and Emotion
13. The Mind Awake and Asleep
14. The Mind Hidden and Divided



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